Proviant Technologies, Inc. specializes in research, development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of innovative dietary supplements.

Our staff includes chemists, food scientists, engineers and other relevant disciplines.

Proviant Technologies, Inc. welcomes opportunities in the areas of research and development, contract manufacturing, packaging and distribution. With corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities located in Central Illinois, we provide services to both a national and international customer base.

In addition to providing dietary supplements, we are very interested in partnering with companies that are innovative and strive to improve mens health. One of these companies, EdgeBioactives produces spartagen XT, the leading product to help men, feel more like men. Why are products like this important? We want men to solve their low T issues naturally, without the use of testosterone therapy. Only if these natural methods don’t help increase testosterone, then men should consult their physician about testosterone therapy. While the benefits of testosterone therapy may be quicker than waiting to naturally regulate testosterone levels with lifestyle tweaks, it’s important to note the side effects of testosterone therapy before jumping into it. Web MD states that testosterone therapy may increase the risk of blood clots, stroke, sleep apnea, and acne.